Welcome to Cranile's Box


Hi ! My name is Nicolas, and im the creator of this set of webpages.
I have been surrounded by computers my entire life, spending a huge ammount of time playing videogames a fooling around the not so early internet.
My dream as a kid was becoming a videogame developer, but in recent times life got me making web pages, thing that i wasn't originally all about, but with time i started to really enjoy the process of making them.
This inevitably got me looking to the web from another perspective, and reach the realization that modern web, is actually quite sh*t, don't get me wrong, from a user and ease of development perspective is great, but is so bland and uninspired that i end up remembering and missing the old in which i grew up.
But as a sail ship battered by a storm mid sea, the youtube algorithm washed me into the unknown land of neocities . . .
And i loved it ! the cool pages that people made, the old web 1.0 style, of which i thought to be the only fan of, so i decided to join this nice community, and put some content of my own.
So thats a not so brief explanation of the how, now into the what.
Inside my domain i will be posting a kinda wide array of content, experiments with CSS, entire mockup pages, some JS coding project, and a couple of blogs, a more of personal and really informal one, and a still not really serious videogame one. and maybe some videogames of my own from time to time ;)