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13 september 2021

On the game Night in the woods there is an scene where our main character Mae, tags along her firend Bea, to a party in another city, upon arrival Mae chit-chats a little and then both decide to separate and each explore the party on their own.

una imagen of Mae, Bea y jackie
Mae, Bea and jackie

In my playthrough i decided to explore a bit, speak with the people on the party and admire the whole place, this one in particular is for me at least, the most interesting place (visually) on the entire game. (Something that i would say, has a lot of merit, since this 14h adventure is packed full of beautiful places), but my enthusiasm was mainly beacuse of the «vibes» this place sends me, it's a little moment that when i experienced it i loved, but it didnt quite resonate with anything personal, this contrasted with most places on the game that actually really felt close to my heart. That was until a month later, while remembering this wonderful game, i recovered a memory that i had hidden.

In "Capital federal"(Buenos Aires, Argentina), there is a place called "Gier music club", a friend of mine was performing there and with our friend group we went to give him some support.

We actually went a bunch of times, but one in particular stayed on my head, in this tiny place, with a small bar and a little stage and space for like 50 people

Foto del interior de gier

the lights where turned off, except for a bunch of colored spotlights on the stage, and up there

There was a dude with a motorbike helmet, surrounded by led lights shining in a lot of different colors, he was dancing to the rhythm of some electronic music that i had never listen to before, and for some reason, in those five minutes he was there dancing, i was completely stunned for what it was happening around me, so much so that all of this went through in what felt like an instant, but everytime i remember, it felt infinite.

All of this happend a couple of years back, so i don't quite rembeber the details, but that place, that feeling, that vibe . . .

Is something that i could not feel again.

And something that i remember from time to time.

Thats why, while going back through my memories, i made that conection between Night in the woods club and that night on Capital, and then i got it, why i loved that moment on the game and all the emotions i felt looking at the stage, now i can share them with you all,

that frame, that place completely unknown, but that it felt calm and interesting

that lasted an instant, but stayed with me, forever.

mae bailando

I got the images and videos from a youtube channel: «Hawlo«, i leave the link here if you want to check it out.
If yu want to see the original video on Gier.