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17-6-23 - A ¿comeback? and a weak and disperse Manifiesto

Hiii, to anyone who reads my pageee(taking in consideration the lack of updating, probably no one lmao). But yea i have been away from neocities too much, from time to time i remember my page exists and think "maybe i should update it, add some cool little stuff" but then the idea of having to sit down and struggle to make my ideas a tangible reality crush all the motivation i had.

I mainly joined neocities because i was working as a web developer(no, u cant see my portfolio) and started dreading how bland the web had become, i could remember how in my childhood you would "surf the web" it wasnt just entering a webpage. It was like a whole adventure on uncharted territory, every step, every new URL could reveal a completely new and alien world, a little peek onto someone elses mind, a projection of other people imagination. But now all the pages use the same layout, the same standars and i get it, its easier to read and navigate, and thats sort of the natural evolution, the internet, the web is a tool, every tool is used with a purpose, in the past it was a way of simple comunication between people, a little bit later it turned into a mirror that was hold up against, not so much the real world, but the real world could be, i guess thats where the whole "cyber" revolution began, a new tool to shape the world, and now everyones utopias are on the same place, everyone dream worlds are starting to materialize on ones and zeros. But then a lot of people realized that the tool to share was also the tool to sell and now this isn't the place for a dream world or hopes for the future, but marketing and monetary transaction, less geocities more ebay. The creativity and imagination relegated to MUDs and MMOs(and even then, a lot of the literal dream worlds that you can play today are some weird gacha contraption, hidden behind some beatiful world), lego stopmotion youtube videos, and some oddly placed personal blog.

In a way i started my very own page to fight against those things, not in a meaningfull away. Its not like my page doesn't matter, after all this is "my little space on the internet" more in the sense of i dont want to be creating the same content i hate, thats (in a way) why i started a blog for videogame essays instead of a youtube channel, and honestly, i loved it! i realized that i could have a control that was completely missing from a static video, i could choose the way i arrange words and letters, i could code a little JS to make things move around the screen, and i did it. I wrote about the game Deponia and struggled again and again to make a nice essay but also a cool design for my page that would reflect something about the thing i was talking about, and i did it. I wrote about Oneshot and tried to reflect the surprise i got from the surprising and incredible mechanics the game has, how it breaks the fourth wall and reachs out of the screen and addresses you, the player, directly. And even if it took me like 2 months, even if i ended up discarding some of the cool stuff i made, im proud of what i managed to put together.

I havent been writing for the past like year, in part because as a self challenge i decided to "port" one of my scripts to video, which like updates on this page i have been putting off to do on a later date, but never actually doing it. I didnt stopped creating tho, last year i tried to get into game development again and managed to create to games that im really proud of. A walking sim, inspired by Blame! and walking sim, vaguely based on some of my dreams. After that and a bunch of reading about the old web i ended up stumbling upon the idea of cyberpunk (which i knew only superficially) and that lead me to virtual reality, sooo i ended up breaking my piggy bank and getting a VR device (stupid i know, the capitalist got me again with the hype), which was more dificult that it sound taking in consideration that getting a hold of vr for (somewhat) cheap in Argentina is kind of hard.

So what are my opinions on VR? cool i wish i could use it more T_T . clearly the headset wasnt meant for people with glasses with makes it really difficult to play for more than an hour without getting a headache a red forehead and dirty (possibly scratched) glases. Sooo in a way really demotivating, but i wanted to make a game for VR so i booted up godot annnd . . . im still at it. I have this whole idea of the cool things i want to make, i started creating my own "universe" based on the manga Blame! mainly exploring the things i wished the manga showed a little bit more, the machines, the people, how society will be shaped on a post apocaliptic world like that. but idk, motivation vanishes every time i try to make it a reality, so i have spent the last like 3 months sloooowlly making progress on the game.

I guess what im trying to say in between the weird and delirious venting is, i joined this place to escape the corrosive state of the current web, to see, explore and interact with like minded people, make friends. But at the end, my shy-ness got the best of me and, i saw a bunch, explored a little and interacted with no one. since i joined neocities i was struggling to get myself together and join the yesterweb, but the pressure of having some sort of acknowledgment of people reading my stuff make me feel somewhat insecure, and ended up putting it for later, so today i go to check it out and it turns out they have closed their doors :( . . . I got this feeling that being able to share your stuff regularly helps to boost your motivation with a project, and i will like to join a friendly space where you can do it. So this brings me to the question ¿does anyone know of a nice and active community to join, where you can share your creative output?? it could be a chatroom type thing, a heavy on the social game, a VR world or a forum. if any of you know, please tell me either on my neocities profile or send my and email at morkitet_at_gmail_dot_com (i know, gmail is cringe, but im too lazy to set my own server)

. . . Well. . . that was a "thing" i hoped i didnt annoy or bored you too much with my text, i just wanted to post something, and a lot of stuff went trough my head, so i ended up scrambling it all together. I hope your web travels are safe and data-corruptionless and next update will be (hopefully) some bad ass posting :^)

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¿How this came to be?

The idea was born while looking for some nice web 1.0 assets on NeoCities i stumbled upon bytemoth (really nice) page , they had a link going to some nice 90' compilation of assets on the Iconolog, sadly the links where down, but the page has a really cool "interactive map" from where to navigate it's contents (i encourage everybody to give it a try !), i started thinking on doing something similiar, with the cool interconected sections, and the nice sprites, but then i remembered the weird but interesting idea of "web towns" i saw on melonking page, so, i decided to make a combination of all of this ideas, on one cool little project.

¿What's the purpose?

Aren't you bored of normal pages, with dumb buttons? Me neither, but it's nice to have a change from time to time. That's why i made this tile based "game", with html canvas an vanilla JS, the idea is that anybody can make their own custom map and plug it onto their pages. You could use it to link to your own "kingdom" where the links for your various contents resides. Or a nice visual web ring show, where you can link to your friends pages. Or maybe you want to make a little game that sits on your page for any passersby to enjoy. The idea is that you experiment whatever way you want !!

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