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I host a little blog where i write about some cool games

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The main focus of my writings is sharing a recolection of little moments that felt "special".
Its heavilly inspired by the works of Jacob geller and nackey jackey, so if that and the idea of reading a madman rambling on some essays about games sounds interesting for you, go a take a look, it's free, i promise :^).
im currently working on translating all my works from spanish to english, you can see my progress here Click here

More about Web cities

¿How this came to be?

The idea was born while looking for some nice web 1.0 assets on NeoCities i stumbled upon bytemoth (really nice) page , they had a link going to some nice 90' compilation of assets on the Iconolog, sadly the links where down, but the page has a really cool "interactive map" from where to navigate it's contents (i encourage everybody to give it a try !), i started thinking on doing something similiar, with the cool interconected sections, and the nice sprites, but then i remembered the weird but interesting idea of "web towns" i saw on melonking page, so, i decided to make a combination of all of this ideas, on one cool little project.

¿What's the purpose?

Aren't you bored of normal pages, with dumb buttons? Me neither, but it's nice to have a change from time to time. That's why i made this tile based "game", with html canvas an vanilla JS, the idea is that anybody can make their own custom map and plug it onto their pages. You could use it to link to your own "kingdom" where the links for your various contents resides. Or a nice visual web ring show, where you can link to your friends pages. Or maybe you want to make a little game that sits on your page for any passersby to enjoy. The idea is that you experiment whatever way you want !!

¿Whaaaah? i need this !!!

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